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How you can help clean up beaches during COVID-19

As we dive deeper into COVID-19, most of us are feeling frustrated working from home. Plastic usage around the world has increased and some of us who have done beach cleanups before or are interested in participating in a beach cleanup in the future might wonder about how we could help out our local beaches. For some background information, there has been more COVID-19 related trash like masks, gloves, syringes, etc., washing up on our beaches. As we get further into the global pandemic, we are finding more and more medical items on our beaches. More PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are showing up on beaches and bodies of water. Indonesian researchers have found that 16% of medical waste is comprised...

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5 Ways You Can Save Our Ocean

At Seastainable Co, we’re working to support marine conservation in Southeast Asia. The everyday actions of people like you and I can accumulate to make substantial impact to protect our oceans. Here are five ways you can save our ocean! 1. Make informed choices about seafood  Refrain from consuming overfished species, or reserve them for special occasions if you must have them.  The Caspian Sea is home to the beluga sturgeon (Huso huso), the fish harvested for its roe otherwise known as caviar. Caspian Sea sturgeon accounts for a staggering 90% of the world's caviar. The large fish takes about 20 years to reach maturity before females release their eggs. With their coveted eggs harvested so aggressively, the fish struggles...

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