About the Seastainable Grant

The Seastainable Project Grant aims to provide financial assistance to projects that aim to strengthen local communities in terms of sustainability and conservation, both locally and regionally.
We support Non-Governmental Organisations and grassroots initiatives, so anyone is whalecome to apply! Here's how.

Seastainable Grant Application


Applicants from projects backed by NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, or even those spurred by the passion of volunteers are more than welcome to apply!

  • Be a part of a conservation/sustainability-focused project that aims to benefit local communities where the project takes place

  • Project must take place in ASEAN countries

  • Have clear and established project objectives, action plan, and timeline

  • Be aged between 16 to 35 years old

Application Process

  • Download the Grant Application Form.

  • Download the Seastainable Grant Receipt Log, to be updated during the project

  • Send to our email the following:

    • Titled: Seastainable Grant Application: <<NAME OF PROJECT>>

  1. Completed Grant Application Form

  2. Applicant CV

  3. Cover letter summarizing your project’s objectives, action plan, and evaluation methods, and how this grant would enable your project to achieve its goals


  1. Completed Seastainable Grant Receipt Log

  2. Post-project review report detailing the following:

  • Project objectives

  • Project evaluation methods

  • Impact assessment

  • Areas of improvement

  • Visual aids and any project collateral created during the project

For any queries regarding the grant, please send in your queries to sam@seastainable.co ✉️ You can download these requirements and gather more information on the Seastainable Grant through this primer.

Please note that applicants awarded with the grant will receive half of the agreed payout first, with the second half given upon submission of financial report and liquidation.

Applications that do not meet the stated requirements will be filtered out. If post-project deliverables are not submitted, the second pay-out will not be given either.