Frequently Asked Questions


  • Our Seastainable Products are usually shipped without any plastic packaging, but 5% of them come in polymailer Smart Pacs. This is because I am working and sometimes I do not have capacity to go to the post office during work hours to register mail.
  • Right from the manufacturing process we do NOT use any form of plastic in our straw sets.
  • We use canvas pouches that are made out of 100% recycled linen to carry our straws. Should you purchase an individual straw, you can add it into the cart for an additional $3.00.
  • Our envelopes are usually unwanted, plain white envelopes donated from corporate partners, however at times they do come from recycled opened envelopes, angbaos, or storybooks. We ask for your understanding that it may not be look as pretty all the time! 
  • At the moment, due to capacity constraints, some registered mail comes in the form of SMART PAC from Singpost. Should you wish to use a paper envelope instead, please indicate in the notes during your order.


  • We try to upcycle our waste from corporate partners.
  • We actually created our own banner by reusing and painting over a donated banner. However, it kinda got stuck in the casing (as the paint is sticky) so we decided to print one instead can always be reused!
  • Any extra bits of waste that we produce (cut paper), stamps are kept and recycled.


  • Our Seastainable products are shipped via SingPost/NinjaVan, and hence be delivered to your mailbox.
  • We provide registered mail at a flat rate of $4.
  • Our current regular mail rate is at a flat rate of $2
  • Products ideally take 5 working days to reach you, however, sometimes it takes awhile so please do be patient!
  • If the parcel has not been received within a month, please do drop us a message.
  • Please note for lost mail, we usually have a return address that can take more than 4 weeks to be received. However please note for regular mail we will not be liable for any losses. 

Guide To Using Seastainable Straws

  • Our straws come in two sizes 6mm (Regular) and 12mm  (Bubble Tea)
  • Our Bubble Tea straws are able to suck up pearls of all sizes!
  • Upon receiving the straw, please do rinse it before use.
  • Our straws are made up of food grade stainless steel 304 and is dishwasher safe.
  • Our pouches are easily handwashed, and can be placed in the washing machine.
  • As all stainless steel ware (like your spoons & forks), they may have slight scratches over time and can be polished!

How To Drink Bubble Tea???

  • Our straws can pierce through the bubble tea seal, however it also depends on whether the cup is flimsy (Koi Large Cups are really durable FYI)
  • We recommend using a knife/key/sharp object to cut open the seal before inserting your bubble tea straw.
  • You can also keep a chopstick/toothpick/penknife in your pouch to help you open the seal.
  • Koi & GongCha staff are also trained to place your bubble tea in your own tumblr and the Medium Size would be 500ml. 

Why Are Your Straws Affordable?

  • We operate on a lean business model, with zero frills. This means we don't waste money on unnecessary sponsoring, marketing or packaging. Our straws are meant to be simple and fuss free for you.

What does 50% profits to marine conservation mean?

  • We believe that the minimum we should contribute to marine conservation should be 50% of the profits. However, this does not mean we strictly keep to the minimum of 50%. At the moment, about 60% of our profits supports marine conservation efforts.
  • We consider profits as revenue minus all operating expenses.
  • Our 2018 commitment to profits was $15,000 SGD and we are achieving the same target for 2019.
  • Therefore this means about 30% of rest of the profits goes to maintaining the operations and website.
  • The remaining 20% is used as float to allow us to continue to re-invest back into the business and support our efforts.
  • As of 2018, we have given back over $15,000 to marine conservation. You can view the breakdown in our Seastainable annual report here.

 Can You Drink Hot Drinks With The Straw?

  • Please be mindful that the straw is made of metal, so it does conduct the temperature of your drink directly. Please do not drink boiling hot drinks with your straw!

If you have any questions that were not addressed in this page, feel free to reach out to us at