Grant Winners

Introducing the organizations who we supported and partnered with in the past year through the Seastainable Grant! The projects range from educational workshops on conservation and sustainability, film showings, and beach cleanups. 

Project Balod | Dumaguete, Philippines

Project Balod is a conservation workshop designed to educate and inspire individuals with little prior experience with marine conservation. Participants will learn more about marine conservation, environmental stewardship and leadership, and establish pro-environmental behaviour. By emphasizing group learning through sharing sessions amongst participants, Project Balod fosters a sense of community amongst its participants and encourages them to do their part for the environment, knowing they are surrounded by like-minded people. The workshop also includes a personal project planning session, where participants are encouraged to plan and execute their own environmental projects, supported by the Balod team.

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Mangrove Revolution | Kilidkasan, Philippines

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Mangrove Revolution is an ongoing programme, achieving the seeding of 700 mangrove flora over two years. The goals of Mangrove Revolution is to achieve a trash-free, 5 hectare mangrove area, to rehabilitate damaged mangroves, to transform existing mangrove ecosystems into educational platforms, and to mobilise over 1000 youths in order to raise awareness of mangrove conservation.

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Sustainability Day Camp | Tingkat Heroes, Singapore

Sustainability Day Camp is centered around the theme: Climate Action and Zero Waste. Consisting of two rounds of workshops, the camp exposed participants to topics such as plastics, sustainable fashion, food waste, and e-waste.

Green and Silver Christmas Dinner | Tingkat Heroes, Singapore

A Vegan lunch was provided by SG Food Rescue Green and Silver Christmas Dinner is a collaboration between TreeDots, MasterChef Zander Ng and Tingkat Heroes. In the season of giving, the Green and Silver Christmas Dinner is organised for the elderly beneficiaries of Willing Hearts, proudly sponsored by DBS, Seastainable, The Sustainability Project and Shinpuru Solutions. Through this event, Tingkat Heroes, TreeDots, and MasterChef Zander Ng highlighted the issue of food waste in Singapore, while giving back to the community at Willing Hearts!

The event was even covered by Channel NewsAsia. Watch the interview here from 43:55. | Event Video 

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Our Seas, Our Legacy

Our Seas, Our Legacy is a documentary production aimed at featuring various groups and individuals, such as Ria Tan, Little Green Men and Our Singapore Reefs, doing good work in various aspects of Singapore’s marine environment. With a short-term launch at this year’s Singapore Eco-Film Festival, this project will help boost the publicity and awareness of these inspiring Singaporeans and at the same time inspire youths to step up and do their part towards marine conservation.

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