Seastainable for Conservation

Seastainable commits to standing by its core advocacy: which is conserving our marine environment and cleaning our seas. It is our priority to be able to create waves of change in conservation through influencing consumers towards sustainable living and simultaneously channel our profits with advocates and partners in marine conservation.
Through partnering with organizations and funding grants for individuals who are motivated by the same passion to save our ocean, we are able to address issues with initiatives driven by action in coastal communities, education, species protection, bridging with establishments and citizens, and waste management.
Browse through the links below to see our combined efforts in conservation: 

We are immensely grateful for our partners who have walked with us through our Seastainable journey. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Read more about how we worked with our friends in conservation the past year by checking our social media handles and Seastainable Blog for updates.