#SeastainableStories – Florence Tay, UnPackt Pte Ltd

 #SeastainableStories is a series by Seastainable to feature amazing ocean conservationists and advocates! We believe that everyone can play a part in contributing to healthier and happier oceans. 
This week, we are featuring Florence Tay, the Co-founder of UnPackt Pte Ltd which is one of our consignment partners in Singapore. UnPackt Pte Ltd is the first zero-waste bulk store in Singapore with the mission to build a green and mindful country, one community at a time.
Read more to know about Florence and her take on conservation.
What sparked your interest in conservation?
Thinking about what kind of environment will my child grow up in the future.
What do you think is important in pursuing conservation?
I think it is important to have a positive community to help encourage each other on the journey and also for more companies to try sustainable initiatives.
What/Who inspired you to start your organization?
It was one of the viral videos which I saw online.
What/Who inspired you to start your project?
Where consumers can bring their own bottles to buy any amount of food they need, which I thought was so practical as we would only consume the contents and not the packaging.
How did you meet the members of your team?
Jeff is one of my friends and we were discussing different business models we could work on for our social enterprise and he resonate with this business idea as he couldn’t finish the food ingredients he bought.
Give us a fun fact about yourself!
I love working on community awareness programs. Previously, I was working on a national AED awareness program at Singapore Heart Foundation with SCDF and I loved interacting with the public, sharing meaningful causes with people.
What is your advice to people who want to pursue a career in conservation, but may not have the ‘conservation’ e.g. science/research related background?
Go with an open mind, there's plenty of people who are willing to share information and it’s a lifelong learning journey.
A piece of advice you would like to give to our readers about the future of our planet?
There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.
What are the next steps that you want to take to save our ocean?
Getting people to relook at their lifestyle habits and take the first step of change.

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