#SeastainableStories – Kay Hui, The Tinkerbox

#SeastainableStories is a series by Seastainable to feature amazing ocean conservationists and advocates! We believe that everyone can play a part in contributing to healthier and happier oceans. 
For this week’s #SeastainableStories, we are featuring Kay Hui, founder of The Tinkerbox our partner and maker of the Furoshiki Wraps! The Tinkerbox provides handcrafted and reusable solutions to the single-use problems that we are accustomed to nowadays.
Scroll down to know more about this artisan and her views on conservation and sustainability.
What sparked your interest in conservation?
I started making pads and pantyliners for girls in less developed countries. I found it hypocritical not to know what using it was like when I was pitching the benefits. I tried pantyliners for a week and realized how much waste I had been generating with disposables.
What do you think is important in pursuing conservation?
Sometimes it feels like what I do is a drop in the ocean. I just hope that with more people aware and start to change behaviors, organizations will need to do something about their practices.
What/Who inspired you to start your organization?
My friend. She asked me to make stuff for her.
How did you meet the members of your team?
It was serendipity.
Give us a fun fact about yourself!
When I was a kid in the home ec class and needed to sew, my mother took my project to the seamstress and asked to make a few mistakes ... (and I paraphrase) "so that it looks like my daughter made this). Neither of us knows if the seamstress actually made any mistakes.
What is your advice to people who want to pursue a career in conservation, but may not have the ‘conservation’ e.g. science/research related background?
There are so many possibilities in "a career in conservation."
A piece of advice you would like to give to our readers about the future of our planet?
Sometimes I get really worried and upset – have we crossed the tipping line? I don't know and there's so much info out there. We're facing a three-pronged fork in the road: 1. Believe that climate change doesn't exist and live like it; or 2. Believe that climate change exists but your actions can't make a difference and live like #1. In the end, know that climate change is real and though you can't quantify the impact of your waste reduction changes, your positive actions will make a difference.


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