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Are we hypocrites for running a green business?

Many recent market developments are based on the burgeoning demand for greater sustainability by a more environmentally conscious society. Ideas such as conscious consumerism, green capitalism, and a circular economy are some examples of this push towards a greener economy.  As a business conceived from a desire to create lasting, positive environmental impact, this conversation is especially important to us. Continuously, we ask ourselves if we’re doing more harm than good – whether we’re just cogs in our economic machine built for environmental degradation and inequality. It appears that the common belief is that our economy can be organised in a way that allows us to live a sustainable future. Even #12 of our Sustainable Development Goals is Responsible Consumption...

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Birth pains and behind the scenes of our Seastainable Grant

When it comes down to our dreams, many of us want the same things – happiness, a sense of fulfilment, financial security, a family. Often, these overarching goals are broken down into specific, measurable goals that we strive towards. This could be landing that high paying job, getting that acceptance letter from your dream university, or even picking up a skill you’ve always wanted to have. For us at Seastainable, we dream of a future where sustainability is the natural state in our society. Our food is sourced sustainably, our trash generation is kept at a minimum, and something closer to our hearts – our oceans are healthy and thriving. We’ve thought long and hard about how we can strive...

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Lessons from Singapore's First Climate Change Strike (was it really a strike though?)

Inspiration & background Sometimes, in this crazy world we live in where chaos and change are our only constants, it takes the most senseless acts to make the most sense. Singapore’s climate action digital demonstration on 15 March was inspired by a Swedish girl who had the courage to make a stand for what she thought was right, in a way that made no sense to the layperson – until it did. This girl is Greta Thunberg. Who is Greta Thunberg? Greta Thunberg is a 15 year old Swedish girl who went on strike every day during school hours for three weeks. She now sits on the steps of the parliament building in Stockholm, every Friday, to demand drastic policy...

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