A Quick Guide for your Seastainable Collapsible Cup

Plastic cups and paper cups lined with plastic pose a risk to our environment, marine life, and even humans. Start your Seastainable lifestyle by ditching your single-use plastic habit with the Seastainable Collapsible Cup!
Looking for answers about the Seastainable Collapsible Cup? Read on to learn about the crowd favorite collapsible cup below and answers to frequently asked questions:

How much can the Seastainable Collapsible Cup carry?

12oz to 16oz - Approximately one Tall Starbucks Drink to one Grande Starbucks Drink

Can the Seastainable Collapsible Cup lid accommodate the bubble tea straw?

  • You will need to unscrew the lid in order to enjoy your bubble tea with the straw! On the bright side, our Seastainable Collapsible Cups are able to accommodate the volume of most regular sized bubble tea drinks.

I’m having a hard time closing my collapsible cup! 

  • The struggle is real! But do not worry, you can find a demo on how to expand and collapse the cup with ease. 

How do I properly clean my collapsible cup?

  • We recommend soaking the cupin hot water (you can leave your cup while the water boils for 10mins, or soak it longer in hot/warm water) or cleaning your cup/bowl with vinegar and baking soda to remove any residue or leftover odors that might have clingged on to the silicone material. Don’t worry--this is completely normal!

Find the Seastianable Collapsible Cup here


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