Christmas Toy Re-gifting & Repurpose Initiative

This Christmas, the Seastainable folks are coming together again to do something meaningful for our cleaners in Singapore. Last year, we gave the Ramky cleaners care packs, to thank them for the work they've been doing. At the same time, most of them are not from Singapore, and will likely be away from their families, and children this year. 

This year, we wanted to do something for their families and at the same time do a used plastic toy collection for our re-purpose and recycling initiatives. Toys will be packed in nice repurposed packaging donated by the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative by The Sustainability Project. 

We're looking for:

  • For children aged 4-12 years old 
  • Toys, books that can fit and and/or not bigger than a shoebox
  • Books must be in English, and no damages or markings 
  • Collecting all plastic toys
    • Good conditions with those in boxes will be re-gifted
    • Poor conditions will be repurposed for art projects
  • Soft toys
    • Only those that are brand new in sealed plastic packaging for hygiene purposes

How can I drop off my toys?

To maintain our QC efforts, you can contact these Seastainable team members to arrange a pickup/meetup (via W/A only):

  • Central/Bedok: Sam 8877 3302
  • East/Pasir Ris: Ken 9040 9380
  • West/Telok Blangah: Yasser 9755 6845

Please kindly note we will be assessing your gifts before deciding to take them. We appreciate your kind understanding as we need to do the relevant QC to make sure your gift will not go to waste. 

If you'd like to volunteer you can contact Sam for more details. For updates on the project, please click here: Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there are leftover toys?  Leftover toys will be consolidated and donated to our beneficiaries in the Philippines. 

How do I know where my toys will go? We will be providing updates via Telegram, please understand as some of our beneficiaries do not feel comfortable being photographed, we will not be showing faces. However, we will do our best to update as much as we can for full transparency. 

Why are you only collecting shoebox sized toys? To cater to the vary beneficiaries that may live in smaller apartments, this is a practical approach to ensure that the gifts can be kept and utilized for as long as possible. 

How will the toys be packaged? In order to minimize waste, we will be using donated gift packaging from the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative by The Sustainability Project.

How will long will you be collecting toys for? This will be a two month drive, as we are all doing this on a voluntary basis, we appreciate your patience in us getting back to you on your queries. 

Can I donate plastic toys in poor condition? Yes you can, however please note that these will likely be repurposed through art projects and various things, and will not go to our beneficiaries. 

Can I volunteer? Yes, we are looking for volunteers during sorting and cleaning and re-wrapping. You can contact Sam for more details.