Who Are We


Seastainable is a business that supports marine conservation in Singapore and the Philippines. We do this by encouraging individuals to reduce their plastic consumption through the use of our seastainable straws, while channeling our profits to environmental organisations in need.  

Our founder, Sam, has constantly worked in the marine conservation field in both Philippines and Singapore since 2013. She wanted to give back to organisations that are making a difference in the marine conservation community. Sam continually strives to reduce plastic waste, she conceptualised the idea of selling metal straws to encourage people to reduce plastic consumption, and use the profits to support various organisations in need. 

As an organization, we also commit to improving sustainability in Singapore through our metal straws and other products. We are pleased to share that we have already sold over 400 straws sets. 

You may find out which organisations that we support. We do not want to give blindly to any organization, and therefore hard work, effort and research has been given to identify which are the best organisations to support. We are always happy to share with you what we do, please drop us a message anytime!


" Sam, who was part of last year’s SEA Camp-ASEAN, has started Seastainable Co., providing sustainable alternatives like reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes to replace single-use items in Singapore. 

These individuals, as well as your other mentors in the program, are great examples of what determined and visionary young leaders can do for their communities."

- Ambassador Sung Kim, United States Ambassador to the Philippines

"Sam and I first made contact when she asked me to give a talk to the NUS Dive Club, when she was helming it. I remembered her enthusiasm and effervescence in wanting to share more with her dive peers on marine conservation efforts.

Years later, Sam was still at it. Her determination and desire to make a difference for the marine environment is inspiring. Knowing first hand how challenging marine conservation work can be, Sam's work through Seastainable.co is a beacon in this arduous journey. Her work serves as a reminder to me that if one puts her mind and heart in it, anything is possible!

Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing Sam grow in her work."

- Mei Lin, Marine Biologist and TED Fellow 2017

"Sam of Seastainable.co is one who is extremely passionate about the oceans and its survival and sincere in her efforts. Growing up in an environment where her family has been living and breathing sustainability, Sam is one who definitely walks the talk as well. Being a strong diver and one with a vast experience of ocean conservation efforts with organisations like LAMAVE, Sam is genuine about her intentions and enriches herself with a wealth of knowledge about the oceans before presuming she can make a difference. Do support Seastainable.co!"    

- Kathy Xu, The Dorsal Effect

“During the YSEALI SEA Camp, I worked closely with Sam as the SEA Camp’s Project Director, lead facilitator, and her mentor. In every activity, whether it was a simple game or a challenging workshop, Sam consistently displayed attention to detail, hard work, positivity, and willingness to learn, and never hesitated to help her fellow participants along the way. She always went over and beyond what is asked of her.

She is able to manage her peers and work in a team efficiently. She is meticulous in organizing and planning for projects and events. I have trained many young people in the past, and it is rare to see the passion and purpose, paired with structure and hard work, that Sam possesses.”

- Anna Oposa, Founder & Chief Mermaid of Save Philippines Seas

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